We don't start cooking until you place your order.

Back in 1988, Tampa’s food scene felt a little stale. We saw quick service and tasty meals here and there, but never under the same roof. That got us thinking…

What if a fast food restaurant served the variety and quality that people only expect from sit-down restaurants? What if drive-thru dinners were actually… delicious?

Night shift after night shift, Salem set out to share his family recipes with the world. Soon, a single Salem’s location grew into three, then five…

Today, with 13 locations and counting, Salem’s Fresh Eats is still hand-crafting everything from mouthwatering seafood and wings to tempting gyros and cheesecakes, forever changing the way the sunshine state thinks about “fast food.”

Quality Ingredients

Salem personally sources the highest quality ingredients including fresh veggies, hormone-free chicken and premium shrimp. No wonder it all tastes so good.

Cooked to Order

We don’t start cooking until you place your order… Makes more sense that way, doesn’t it?